Ways To Prepare Your Lawn and Landscaping for Spring

Landscaping boosts property value, makes your home more welcoming, and improves curb appeal. If you are looking for ways to spruce up your property and prepare your garden for warmer weather, here are a few spring landscaping tasks.

Getting the Garden Ready for Spring

As spring approaches, make sure you have the gardening tools you’ll need for the season. Some of the more common tools include a saw, rake, garden spade, wheelbarrow, and pruners. Gather your tools from storage or the basement and verify they’re clean, sharp, and ready to use. Purchase a pair of sturdy leather or canvas gardening gloves for safe spring landscaping.

Choose Plants for Your Spring Landscaping

Make a list of the plants that you want to grow this year. The list may include vegetables, flowers, ornamental greenery, fruits, and vines. Designate areas in your landscaping for each type of plant. Pay attention to the sun throughout the day and take time to learn about each plant’s soil, water, and light requirements.

Flowers that prefer full sun won’t thrive in partial shade. Most fruits and vegetables need 8 to 10 hours of sunlight every day to produce well. Make a map of your yard and label each area with the amount of sunlight it receives. Your map will help you choose the best locations for the plants you want to grow.

Determine what each type of plant needs. Will you be growing tomatoes that need stakes or tomato cages for support? Some vining plants appreciate a trellis or arbor to grow up. Make sure you have the supplies to keep your plants healthy throughout the season.

Prep the Area

After you’ve selected plants, prepare the soil. Soil test kits are available at your local home improvement store. A soil test will help you understand what amendments you’ll need to add. Till the dirt and mix in quality soil and compost. If you’re planning to add garden borders, do that now to help you define the size and shapes of the beds.

Hire a Pro for Spring Lawn Maintenance

As a homeowner, you may not have time or proper tools to complete yard maintenance. Investing in a lawnmower, pruners, clippers, grass seed, soil, fertilizer, and new plants can be expensive. Plus, you’ll still have to find time to do the work.

Ask friends and family for recommendations and hire a lawn and garden company to take care of your property for you. Many companies will not only mow the grass, but they’ll also trim trees and shrubs and keep your flower beds tidy and attractive.

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