Selling a home is a bit of an undertaking. That said, homeowners often choose projects to improve curb appeal since this can increase their property’s market value. Let’s look at ways you can help your home be more attractive to potential buyers.

What is Curb Appeal?

The exterior of a home usually helps a buyer decide if they’d like to view the property. This is curb appeal. A well-kept home with features that appeal to prospective buyers stands a greater chance of selling more quickly at or above the list price.

Six Tips to Improve Curb Appeal

1. Make Sure the Roof is in Great Shape

One of the first features a buyer will notice is the roof. A damaged or failing roof is not only unattractive, but it is often an expensive repair. Before placing your home on the market, fix any roof issues. Clear away branches and limbs, clean the gutters, and replace missing or broken shingles.

2. Clean the Exterior

Damaged or dirty exterior features will impact your home’s curb appeal more. Not only do cracked driveways, grimy siding, and poor paint jobs look bad, but these issues make the property look like it’s not well-maintained. Simple and inexpensive efforts like sealing the driveway, cleaning and repairing the siding, and performing quick paint touch-ups will boost curb appeal.

3. Add Plants to Improve Curb Appeal

Nice landscaping appeals to everyone. This said, even small additions to your home can enhance your property’s appearance. Purchase several colorful plants from a nursery and place them in pots near the front door and in flower beds. This will make your property feel warm and welcoming.

4. Paint The Front Door

When touring a property, prospective buyers generally enter the home through the front door. Make your entryway more inviting by painting your door with a fresh, bright color that complements the style of your home.

5. Emphasize Street Numbers

Sellers want potential buyers to know which house on the block is for sale. Confusion leads to lost buyers. Real estate experts suggest that a simple upgrade like installing large, prominent address numbers on the front porch, or the mailbox is an often overlooked way of improving curb appeal. Choose bold, modern house numbers and add a frame, or draw attention to the numbers by planting flowers just beneath them.

6. Install Exterior Lighting

A seller never knows when a prospective buyer might want to check out the neighborhood. For some buyers, this could be during the evening hours after work and school. Homes that are well-illuminated stand a better chance of getting attention. Add lighting to brighten your entryway. Install solar lights along the walkway to the front door and use them to line the driveway.

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