Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, it’s never too early to order a pre-listing home inspection. Although home inspections typically help the buyer understand the condition of the house, there are great reasons to get your home inspected before selling.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection May Mean a Faster Sale

An interested buyer who sees that the home has already been inspected often feels better about making an offer. Your pre-inspection report may show that the house is in good shape and worth the asking price.

If any issues were found, addressing those issues before you place the house on the market makes it more attractive to a potential buyer. If you decide not to perform the repairs, the asking price can be lowered to reflect that.

Reduce Stress and Cut Expenses

An early inspection gives you time to make necessary repairs. When you’re not in a rush, you can find the most cost-effective contractors.

One of the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection is the freedom to shop for estimates or make repairs yourself. Waiting for the buyer’s home inspection means you may be required to make repairs on the buyer’s schedule, using contractors selected by the buyer.

Price Your Home Accurately with a Pre-listing Home Inspection

One of the most important parts of selling a home is setting the asking price. If you price it too low, you’ll make less of a return on your investment. Price it too high and you risk losing potential offers.

A pre-listing inspection details any concerns or issues with your property, allowing you to price it accurately. You might even find that you can ask for more than you originally thought if no major problems were discovered during the inspection.

Avoid Renegotiation Delays

Any buyer who makes an offer and then discovers there are issues with the home may ask to renegotiate. Don’t let your deal go south because the buyer’s inspection reveals the need for costly repairs. Know the condition of your home to avoid surprises during negotiations.

Premier Inspection Services offers pre-listing inspections to Upstate New York. Before putting your house on the market, contact us to request an appointment for a thorough inspection.