Buying a house is an exciting time. You want the process to go smoothly so that you can move into your new home as soon as possible. After making an offer, order a home inspection to feel confident about your investment. Let’s look at a few reasons why home buyers need an inspection.

Order a Home Inspection to Make a Good Investment

A home is a major purchase and likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make. There’s no way of knowing the condition of any house with just a brief tour. Order a home inspection to understand whether the purchase makes financial sense. There could be problems with the home’s structural integrity or safety issues with the electrical system. The excitement of being a new homeowner will wear off quickly if you move in and discover expensive repair needs.

Gain an Advantage When Negotiating the Deal

You and your real estate agent will have more power to negotiate based on the results of the inspection report. If you submitted your offer as being contingent on the inspection, you’ll have the ability to renegotiate the asking price or even back out of the sale if there are major defects found.

Your real estate agent might ask the seller to cover the price of installing a new roof or replacing a damaged water heater. Alternatively, if the seller isn’t willing to make repairs, he or she might come down on the price of the home.

It’s Worth the Cost to Order a Home Inspection

When you’re budgeting for homeowners insurance, attorney’s fees, and closing costs, you might be hoping to avoid spending any more money. When you order a home inspection, you can save money in the long-term. You’ll have the ability to renegotiate the purchase price and can ask the seller to make repairs before closing.

With the information in the inspection report, you can also budget for future repairs and improvements. By understanding the condition of the home and its systems, you’ll know what to expect for future home maintenance.

Be Present at the Inspection

Attend the home inspection to walk the property with the inspector and ask questions. The inspection report will be easier to understand if you have first-hand knowledge of the inspector’s findings. During the inspection, let the home inspector focus on his or her work and pay attention to the details of the house.

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