Get a New Construction Inspection

It’s rewarding to work with a builder on a brand new home designed to your specifications. Since the house has never been lived in, it won’t have wear-and-tear from previous owners. Because of this, you might think that it’s a waste of time and money to order an inspection on new construction.

However, because of the home building process and the fact that multiple teams of subcontractors and construction workers are involved with the build, mistakes can happen. There may be faulty materials and construction issues.

Even a new home can have problems. An inspection on new construction provides valuable information about the condition of your new home.

Things to Know About a Home Inspection

A home is made up of different systems and components: the foundation, frame and structure, roofing, mechanical systems, appliances, etc. During a home inspection, a trained professional will check and report on the condition of these features.

If there are any issues with the property, you can discuss these with the seller of the house or, in the case of a newly built home, your builder. A new construction inspection identifies problems and safety concerns before you move into the house.

Common Problems with New Construction

Problems with your new house may not be obvious. However, inspectors often discover issues during new construction inspections. Some common flaws found include structural defects like foundation cracks or poor framing.

The inspector will identify issues that the homeowner may not notice. Improperly installed wiring can cause electrical shocks and even a house fire. There may be minor problems, such as hot and cold taps that are reversed, and more serious ones, like improper grading and drainage that leads to basement flooding and mold growth.

Reasons to Order an Inspection on New Construction

When you document issues with the property before your closing date, you can ask the builder to make repairs. After closing, those problems become your responsibility. Another benefit of ordering an inspection is that the repairs will be made before you move in. This way you can avoid living in a construction zone while the builder and subcontractors make repairs.

Finally, order an inspection so that you’re certain your house is in great shape. If the inspection shows no significant problems, you can move into your home with peace of mind that the property should be problem-free for many years.

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