Many of us work from home, but not everyone has a designated home office. If you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you might wonder how to create a functional and comfortable home office in a small space. Here are four ideas to get you started.

1. Create a Home Office: Consider Furniture Placement

If you’re working with limited space, you’ll need to be strategic about furniture placement. For example, try placing your desk against a wall for an open feeling in the room. Or, if you have the freedom and enough room to rearrange your furniture, try positioning your desk away from the wall, facing the door and window.

Install a folding desk on the wall when you have minimal space. After work hours, you simply fold the desk away for easy storage.

2. Use Vertical Storage Solutions

When you’re short on square footage, it’s essential to use every inch of space available to you – including vertical space. Vertical storage solutions, like shelves and bulletin boards, will help you keep your office organized and free up valuable floor space.

If your space is limited, install the computer monitor on the wall to save desk space. Look for a smaller office chair, or purchase a chair that can be folded or rolled out of the way after work.

3. Create a Home Office: Bring in Natural Light

Bright, natural light makes any space more open and airy, so if possible, position your desk near a window or beneath a skylight. If natural light isn’t an option, invest in good task lighting to brighten the space. Use varying light sources to illuminate the entire work area, including overhead lighting, floor lamps, and desk lamps.

4. Keep the Space Simple and Serene

Less is often more when designing a small space. Keep the room simple and uncluttered to avoid creating a cramped feeling. Use clever storage solutions to keep the desktop and areas around your workspace tidy. Instead of buying a roomful of office furniture, purchase pieces that have multiple functions. For example, a storage ottoman might also be used as a side table while keeping books or magazines inside.

Choose minimal decorations and, if possible, use calming colors and patterns that will contribute to a focused and productive workspace.

Setting up a home office in a small space requires some thought and creativity, but it is possible. By using vertical storage solutions, bringing in natural light, keeping things simple, and strategically placing furniture, you can turn even the smallest of spaces into a functional and stylish home office.

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