We all have a friend whose house looks immaculate. Everything is organized and in its place and the home feels peaceful and relaxing. When you learn how to declutter your home, your house can be simple, clean, and tidy, too.

Declutter Your Home One Room at a Time

Don’t try and declutter your whole home in a single day. When you begin decluttering, concentrate on one room at a time. With each space, start by taking a look at the items in the area. Decide what will be kept, donated, or thrown away. Make a pile for donations and set a goal to donate them within 24 hours. Throw away items that are in bad shape or no longer useful.

After sorting, you will be left with the items you are keeping. Organize them using the tips below. Set aside time every week until the whole house is decluttered.

Declutter Your Furniture

A room with too much furniture appears cluttered no matter how well it is arranged. Get rid of extra tables, chairs, and lamps. Your room will have a clean, open feel and there will be fewer items to dust. Rather than storing items in the basement or cluttering up another room, sell them online or donate them to a non-profit thrift store.

Piles of Paper Need to Go

Piles of paper, stacks of newspapers, and mail tossed onto countertops turn into clutter. Sort through the paper piles in your home and file important papers, pay unpaid bills, and respond to letters or invitations. Create a system for dealing with mail. Every time you open an envelope, deal with whatever bill, letter, or ad is inside immediately. This prevents papers from piling up.

Use Organization Tools

After you have decluttered your home, you’ll be able to determine what types of storage you need. Use a hanging organizer with pockets for closet and bathroom doors. Add shelves to closets for folded pants, scarves, and towels. Use plastic totes to store out-of-season items in the attic or basement. Find DIY ideas online about better closet organization and storage tips.

Declutter Your Home With Decorative Storage

Place items that you need on a daily basis in woven baskets. In the bathroom, baskets can hold towels, blow dryers, curling irons, and styling products. In the living room, they are perfect for storing pet toys, kids’ shoes, magazines, and remote controls. Don’t overfill the baskets and they will function as decorative and useful storage.

After cleaning and organizing your home, spend a few minutes each day tidying up so clutter doesn’t re-accumulate. For each new toy or hobby item purchased, one item should be donated or sold. Every time the mail comes in, take care of responding before doing anything else. Declutter your home and take steps to establish a new way of living.

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