Properly placing smoke detectors is important so that smoke is quickly detected. There are a few areas that are recommended for installation of smoke alarms. The ideal locations for smoke detector placement in the home vary depending on the structure’s style, size, and floor plan.

Smoke Detector Placement in Single-Story Dwellings

In all single-story dwellings, install smoke detectors inside and directly outside of each bedroom. If the bedrooms have a living space between the master bedroom and additional bedrooms, place a smoke detector there, as well.

Multi-Level Homes

For multiple story homes, each floor should have its own smoke detector even if there are no sleeping areas on that floor.

Smoke Detector Placement in Other Rooms

Utility rooms, the garage, and the attic are all important locations for smoke detector placement. Add a smoke detector in the basement, especially if that is where your laundry machines are. Install an additional smoke detector in or near the kitchen, but make sure it is at least 10 feet away from the cooking appliances to help prevent false alarms.

Large Structures

When planning out your home’s smoke detector placement, keep the square footage in mind. If you have a large home, it will need extra protection. Follow the guidelines recommended by your local fire marshal and the smoke detector manufacturer.

In all rooms, place the smoke detectors on or close to the ceiling since smoke rises. Additional safety measures recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) include testing smoke detectors regularly, having fire extinguishers strategically placed throughout your home, and working with family members to create an escape plan. Make certain everyone knows what to do in the event that an alarm goes off.

Today, many smoke detectors come in combination with a carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can be lethal. It is a good idea to have carbon monoxide detectors installed in similar locations as smoke detectors. Several states now require both carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in all homes.

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