Trees are an important part of any property. They provide shade and beauty and can increase your home’s value. However, there are times when a tree on your property needs to be taken down. Whether it’s dying or otherwise posing a problem, here are four signs it’s time to remove a tree.

The Tree is Dead or Dying

Remove a tree if it is dead or dying, indicated by bare patches of branches, discolored leaves, or cracks in the trunk. If you notice these signs, have a professional arborist inspect the tree. A pro will know what to look for and help you make the right decision for your property and your family’s safety.

Remove a Tree that is Damaged

Trees suffer damage from storms, diseases, pests, and other occurrences. If the damage is bad enough, it can make the tree unstable and pose a danger to your property. If you think your tree might be damaged, call an arborist to come out and take a look. They will assess the damage and determine the best course of action.

The Tree is Crowding Other Plants

As trees grow, their roots expand underground. If these roots start crowding out other plants on your property, you may choose to remove the tree. You might also have problems with the roots damaging plumbing lines or your septic tank. In these situations, it might be best to remove the tree to prevent further issues.

Remove a Tree that Seems Hazardous

A tree with a severe lean or several dead branches poses a danger to your property and everyone on it. Remove such a tree as soon as possible before it can cause injury or damage to your home or vehicles.

Trees may begin to lean due to age, being affected by strong winds, or if the earth shifts or settles. A tree that suddenly starts leaning may have experienced damage to its roots, and it will likely fall. Call a professional arborist to inspect the tree and determine if you should remove the tree.

Trees offer shade and improve curb appeal, but there are times when they are damaged and pose a threat to the property. If you’re uncertain of the safety of a tree near your home, call a professional arborist to assess the situation and determine if removal is necessary. Removing a tree yourself can be dangerous and cause even more damage, so hire a professional for the job.

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