Moving is often a difficult and stressful process. The move may be even more challenging if you’ll be moving in winter. Here are a few tips for an easier move during colder weather.

Get Rid of Ice When Moving in Winter

Slips and falls are the reason for millions of hospital visits in the United States every year. Whether you call a friend or hire a moving company, you don’t want anyone to become injured on moving day. Remove ice, snow, and debris from all steps and pathways. Make sure the driveway is free of ice so the moving truck can safely enter and exit your property.

Stay Warm

Although you may be moving in and out of your home, you can still experience hypothermia or frostbite from being exposed to cold for too long. Cold weather also weakens your immune response. On the day of your move, remember to wear gloves, warm socks, waterproof footwear, and layers of clothing to stay warm and well.

Hire a Reputable Company for Moving in Winter

Even in warm weather, moving is difficult and dangerous. You could twist your ankle, pull a muscle, drop a valuable item, or scuff a wall or door frame. Such accidents are even more common in a winter move. If you have the budget, hire an experienced and insured moving company to do the heavy lifting. A good moving company will pack and load your items better than you could. Your valuables will be insured, meaning that you’ll receive compensation if they are damaged in transit.

Pay Attention to the Weather Forecast

The weather forecast isn’t always reliable, but you should still check the conditions before the move. A snowstorm will make a wintertime move more dangerous. If a storm is predicted, talk to your moving company about rescheduling. If you will be moving during a storm, make a back-up plan for your travel route and note hotels along the way in case you need to stop for the evening.

Keep the Floors Clean

You and the movers will enter and exit the home often, tracking mud, snow, and salt indoors. Mud and salt may damage flooring, and cleanup is time-consuming, so take steps to minimize the amount of debris that you track inside. Cover the floors with heavy canvas drop cloths to help protect the materials from mud and snow. Install doormats both inside and outside each entryway door.

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