Keeping Your Home Safe

Your house is a sanctuary for you and your family. Unfortunately, when a burglary or crime happens at your home, it can make it hard for you to get a peaceful night’s sleep knowing that your home has been compromised. If you want to improve home security at your property, here are some of the best ways to get started and be a better homeowner.

Use an Alarm System to Improve Home Security

Many different affordable alarm systems are available today that allow you access to more features than ever before. When you improve home security through an alarm system, you can turn it on or off from your phone, view your camera feed on the go, and set up automatic recording when motion is detected. Burglars are likely to move on to an easier target if you have a camera or other security measures outside of your home.

Always Lock the Doors and Windows

The easiest way to improve home security on your property is by using the already available features at your house. Make sure that you lock all doors and windows at night and when you’re leaving your home to go somewhere else. Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity, so preventing the easy chance to walk into your home can stop the crime altogether.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight to Improve Home Security

Particularly at night, you should pay careful attention to what is visible through your windows. Do you have a new big-screen television in your living room and leave the drapes open at night? Is there a window directly above your desk that shows off your expensive computer? Ensure that keys, money, jewelry, smartphones, laptops, TVs, and other high-value items are out of easy view.

Make Your House Look Occupied When You’re on Vacation

Burglars intentionally look for homes with piles of mail or packages out front with no cars in the driveway, as these signal that the owner is on vacation or away from the house. When you have a trip planned, it’s important to make it seem like someone is still occupying the property. Set up a timer to turn the lights and the television on throughout the day and evening. Have a neighbor collect your mail or pause deliveries through the post office.

Secure Sheds and Garages

You shouldn’t just stop at your house when you improve home security. Think about other structures on your property, like the garage and sheds. Sheds are a hot target for thieves, as they often contain valuable landscaping equipment and tools. Make sure that you always shut your shed and garage doors and keep them locked when not in use.

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